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>> Are you wondering how your equipment will be handled? Take a few minutes to learn about the "Equipment Repair Process" at EZ2DO Company Limited

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EZ2DO's Equipment Repair Process

1. Reception

Direct reception at EZ2DO's Workshop

  • Support staff will advise and receive faulty equipment from customers.
  • Preliminary equipment condition check: initial external faults. For remote customers, EZ2DO will record a video of unboxing and checking the equipment's condition.
  • Confirm equipment status with customers.
For remote customers
  •     Support staff will advise via HOTLINE, receive and give preliminary advice to you about the current status of the device
  •     Immediately after receiving the device, EZ2DO will record the video of opening the box and preliminary check the condition: appearance, original errors,...
  •     Confirm device status with you

2. Detailed Fault Checking

  • After receiving the equipment, EZ2DO's technicians will conduct thorough and careful checks to identify specific faults.
  • Develop the most optimal repair plan

3. Notification and Consultation for Handling Approach

  • After receiving information from the technical department, customer support staff will inform customers about the detailed fault (down to each module of the equipment), handling plan, timeline, warranty terms, and estimated cost.
  • Customers will discuss, agree on the handling approach, and then proceed to sign a contract or create a P.O with EZ2DO.

4. Equipment Repair

  • Upon customer request, technicians will carefully and meticulously repair the equipment, ensuring adherence to the schedule

5. Maintenance and Equipment Check Post-Repair (Tester)

  • All equipment repaired at EZ2DO will be cleaned and maintained (thermal paste application, fan replacement, etc.) free of charge.
  • Post-maintenance, the equipment will be re-checked by the TESTER department to ensure quality before delivery to the customer.
  • If requested, EZ2DO will calibrate the equipment at the most reasonable time and cost.

6. Handover

  • Once the equipment is fully processed, the support department will notify the customer.
  • For remote customers, EZ2DO will carefully package and send the equipment via express delivery free of charge.
  • If the customer is not satisfied upon receipt, EZ2DO will immediately receive feedback and address any issues to ensure customer satisfaction with the service

    The equipment repair process at EZ2DO is scientifically and professionally structured, always focusing on the customer as the central priority. EZ2DO commits to providing you with the best, highest quality, and most dedicated repair services, ensuring your peace of mind and enjoyment of our services.
This is the path that leads EZ2DO to become the number one equipment repair unit in Vietnam. For more detailed information, please contact us at:
    EZ2DO Co., Ltd.
  • Office: No. 35B, Alley 405, Bat Khoi Street, Long Bien Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi City
  • Workshop: Unit 11-12, Auction Area A1, A2, A3, Cu Khoi Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi City
  • Phone: 0853.527.247 / 0969.363.247
  • Email: Info@ez2do.com.vn
  • Website: Ez2do.com.vn
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