Do you have a KEYENCE laser engraving machine or a broken industrial device? Are you looking for a place to repair your equipment but are concerned about the high costs and long waiting times at the manufacturers? Let us solve your problem.

    EZ2DO Co., Ltd. offers repair services for KEYENCE laser engraving machines and has successfully repaired many laser engravers (see more: Notable equipment successfully repaired by EZ2DO).

    With a team of highly skilled technicians, professionally trained from leading Vietnamese universities (Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Military Technical Academy, Vietnam National University), and with over 5 years of experience in calibration, testing, and repairing measuring equipment, EZ2DO commits to providing the NUMBER ONE repair service in Vietnam with a professional repair process.


KEYENCE is one of the world's leading companies in developing and manufacturing industrial equipment and inspection devices such as barcode readers, laser engraving machines, machine vision systems, measuring systems, microscopes, anti-static devices, etc.
With their established quality and brand reputation, Keyence laser engraving machines are typically quite expensive, and the cost of repairs in case of malfunctions is very high. When a Keyence laser engraver malfunctions, repair costs at the manufacturer can exceed 100 million VND, with a waiting time of 1-3 months (excluding inspection fees).
  • Weak laser power
  • Misalignment of X, Y, or Z control axes
  • Inability to control the X, Y, or Z axes
  • Blurry or offset engraving

KEYENCE is also the first company in the world to apply 3D technology to laser engraving machines, allowing automatic focusing without the need for manual adjustment of the axis whenever the height of the engraving surface changes. Additionally, with the three-axis technology, the ML-Z series can easily engrave on curved, inclined, or uneven surfaces. Keyence laser engravers are consistently rated as top-tier machines in the industry.


EZ2DO Co., Ltd. is a leading company in repairing electrical and electronic measurement devices, industrial equipment, etc. The Keyence laser engraving machines are a type that EZ2DO has frequently repaired for various factories, with costs ranging from only 30-50% compared to sending it back to the manufacturer. Common issues with the Keyence laser engraving machines include:

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Some actual images and videos of repairs at EZ2DO:

A close-up view of the process of disassembling and inspecting the KEYENCE LASER ENGRAVING MACHINE

Engineers at EZ2DO inspect and repair the KEYENCE LASER ENGRAVING MACHINE

The initial result of laser engraving (laser engraving machine malfunctioning - specifically, a Z-axis control error)

The laser engraving result of the machine after it has been repaired.

The operation and testing process of the laser engraving machine after repair at EZ2DO   

     After repairs, all devices at EZ2DO undergo maintenance (cleaning, fan replacement, thermal paste application) and calibration

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For detailed information and repair requests, please contact us directly:

    EZ2DO Co., Ltd

  • Hotline: 0853.527.247/0969.363.247
  • Office: No. 35B Alley 405 Bat Khoi, Long Bien Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi City
  • Workshop: Lot 11 Auction Area A1, A2, A3 - Cự Khối Ward - Long Bien District - Hanoi City
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