REPAIR OF LCR METER E4982A (LCR Meter) from Keysight


 REPAIR OF LCR METER E4982A (LCR Meter) from Keysight

The RF LCR E4982A Meter provides the most accurate and reliable measurements in the production of passive components like SMD inductors, EMI filters where high-frequency impedance testing is required.

The E4982A LCR Meter is a model that Ez2do has repaired many times with a 98% success rate. Common issues include:

  • Not powering on,
  • Unable to start,
  • PLL Unlook
  • Incorrect measurement values

-    After repairs, all E4982A devices undergo maintenance (cleaning, fan replacement, thermal paste application) and calibration

Some pictures of actual equipment repairs:

For detailed information and repair requests, please contact us directly:

    EZ2DO Co., Ltd

  • Hotline: 0853.527.247/0969.363.247
  • Office: No. 35B Alley 405 Bat Khoi, Long Bien Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi City
  • Workshop: Lot 11 Auction Area A1, A2, A3 - Cự Khối Ward - Long Bien District - Hanoi City


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