Repair of GW Instek GPC 3030D Triple Output Linear DC Power Supply

 Repair of GW Instek GPC 3030D Triple Output Linear DC Power Supply

    The GW Instek GPC 3030D Triple Output Linear D.C Power Supply, manufactured by GW Instek, provides a stable, low-noise linear power supply with 5 ± 25V and a maximum output power of 375W. It meets the requirements for providing a stable linear power supply with multiple outputs and low noise.

Over time, the device may develop faults, common issues include:

  • No output
  • Overload
  • Inaccurate output, etc.
With a professional process and an experienced technical team, EZ2DO has quickly repaired the GPC 3030D at a reasonable cost..

EZ2DO confidently repairs these power supply devices (AC DC power source with high output) with a 100% success rate in some cases and even provides power source design solutions for customers.

After repairs, all devices at EZ2DO undergo maintenance (cleaning, fan replacement, thermal paste application) and calibration

Some actual images and videos of repairs at EZ2DO:

Dismantling and inspecting the faulty device

Detailed fault inspection of the circuit

Device repair and testing

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 For detailed information and repair requests, please contact us directly:

    EZ2DO Co., Ltd

  • Hotline: 0853.527.247/0969.363.247
  • Office: No. 35B Alley 405 Bat Khoi, Long Bien Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi City
  • Workshop: Lot 11 Auction Area A1, A2, A3 - Cự Khối Ward - Long Bien District - Hanoi City


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